Personal training. Is it for me?

personal trainer


Are you lacking motivation when it comes to working out? Do you know how to use the exercise equipment and/or machines at Vital Fit Club? Do you know how to properly perform a squat, lunge, over head press or dead lift? Do you know even what a dead lift is? If you answered no to these questions, you might want to think about hiring a personal trainer.

So, what exactly is a personal trainer? According to Marcel Franek, a certified personal trainer at Vital Fit Club, a personal trainer is “a fitness professional who assists clients achieve his/her personal fitness goals through instruction, motivation and constructive criticism.”

Personal trainers help their clients set fitness goals  and achieve them through feedback and accountability. In addition, personal trainers can often help clients with more than just exercise and proper form, they can also provide information about a healthier lifestyle when it comes to nutrition, as well.

Franek noted that a personal trainer designs programs specifically directed toward the goals of each client. Typically, during the first session with the personal trainer, the client will indicate what his/her goals are. The personal trainer will take the time to sit down and talk with a client to gather all the necessary information so that the personal trainer can decide on the right course of action.

Franek offered these tips for hiring a personal trainer:


At Vital Fit Club, all one-on-one personal training sessions are 45 minutes long. In addition to offering one-on-one personal training, Vital Fit Club also offers a buddy system, where two people can train at the same time. And they have a small group offering, as well. This is where three to five clients all use the same personal trainer at one time. Clients can purchase an individual session or packages of eight or 16 sessions. For prices or more information about personal training, contact Vital Fit Club at (320) 762-0442.

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