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It's time to break away from the day and treat yourself to the best kind of selfcare. Our spa offers massage and specialty treatments for the selfcare you deserve.

Thai Yoga Therapy


This is massage session you will never forget. Thai Yoga Therapy offers a series of interactive movements, stretches, rhythmic massage, gentle twisting, and acupressure to ensure your body moves how it should. If you are looking to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, relieve stress, or even improve circulation and lymphatic flow, this is the ideal massage for you.

Sessions:  90 - 120 minutes

Massage Therapist:  Nadiya

Clinical Sports Massage Therapy

Ready to take care of achy muscles and improve function all while relaxing? We recommend our Clinical Sports Massage. Focusing on the treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, and rehabilitate your physical performance, you will work out more efficiently and safely knowing your muscles are taken care of.

Sessions: 30 - 60 minutes

Massage Therapist:  Tim


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